Dear Wolfman

Dear Wolfman,

Even though you’re a bad guy you taught me a valuable lesson back in 1987. Life sometimes kicks you in the nards even when it’s unknown if you have nards, but that doesn’t mean you should give up.

Sure you may need to lay in the fetal position for a minute to regain you’re composure, but by golly you’re going to get up and make it to the final battle. Ultimately you will get shoot and die there, but you didn’t give up!

Today was a tough day. My kids didn’t sleep last night, I had to take them to school, I forgot to eat breakfast and pack a lunch. Needless to say I felt a lot like Wolfman. I decided today I’ll cheat and eat cereal at work for breakfast and DQ chicken strips with their delicious gravy for lunch. Oh so delicious gravy.

But then I thought of Wolfman. He got kicked in the nards and didn’t give up. My morning isn’t nearly that bad, so why am I giving up? I scrounged around and came up with a decent snack/breakfast and had some pulled pork for lunch. I made it to the final battle and even lived through it unlike Wolfman.

Life’s not easy. My mom always told me life’s not fair either, and unfortunately that’s the truth. That doesn’t mean when things don’t go your way you give up. I can assure if things went according to my plan all the time I’d be in a much worse place than I am now. Trust the plan that’s laid out for you. When life kicks you in the theoretical nards, get back up and keep pushing on.

Wolfman, I thank you for teaching me that lesson at the age of 5. Hold on, why was I watching Monster Squad at the age of 5… Lol

If you need a refresher please enjoy the link below:

Wolfman’s Got…

A fellow kick taker,


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