Dear Robert 

Dear Robert,

Team Edward in the house!!!!! You know I’m reppin till the day I die. 

But if I’m keeping it real I’m only team Edward because you have a dad bod like me. Once I got my hawt bod back I’ll probably be Team Jacob. Props to you though, sir! I’d have thought Bella would’ve ditched you for sure. Maybe there is something to this dad bod thing… I’m still going for a hawt bod though. Shoot, I didn’t do 60 burpees for no reason. Can vampires even get hawt bods or are you stuck with the bod you have when you’re turned?
Do vampires go number 2? Let me tell you something about paleo. It’s made me as regular as clockwork. Wake up. Do work. Shower. Boom. It’s a solid diet… #PunIntended

I know you sparkle when the sun hits you. First of all it’s weird you don’t die in sunlight like all other vampires, but that’s not the point. You know when I sparkle? When I get up out the gym. I feel like a boss.

If you ever go paleo, bro, you have to try sweet potatoes. Can you say pwnage… Ate one today with a basically rare steak. I’m sure you’d be a fan. Thing was basically still moo’n. That’s right up your alley.

Thanks for repping it for all the dad bods out there. Keep up the great cardio work too. Saw you and Abe out there running laps.

#TeamEdward (until I have a hawt bod)

❤ Adam

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