Dear Adam

Dear Adam,

What is up my man! My name is Adam too! How cool is that. I just wanted to hit you up because you seem like a dude that likes to do Yoga, all hipsterish and what not. I couldn’t do crossfit today, which made me all sad face emoji, but I decided to do yoga instead. About to get my praying mantis crescent moon on. That is my favorite yoga move… Lol jkjk that is not even a real move, or is it? Shoot man I don’t know. I am just going to act like a pretzel.

Speaking of pretzels have you ever had Auntie Anne’s pretzels. They are straight up FIRE, bro! Unless of course you are on the paleo diet then you can smash. I used to crush those all the time when me and my bros hung out at the mall. I always had the tightest new Jnco’s. I looked way good in Jnco’s. Jnco’s = chick magnet. My wife won’t even let me wear Jnco’s any more.

Anyway, you got some tight yoga tips for me? I am about as mobile as Martha Stewart in 2004 for a 5 month time frame. Also, you have any singing tips for me? Once I get my smoking hawt bod back from yoga and plaeo I plan on trying out for the voice. I used to be in a rap group called Greasy Nachos. I’m sure you could tell by the fact that I wore Jenco’s that I was pretty hard. That group was hard. On a side note you can’t eat nachos on paleo. I wish you could because I would devour nachos like Mike Tyson devours ears.

I’m digging eating like a caveman though, although I guess Japanese cavemen weren’t paleo. I was going to eat sushi today but after checking the google it appears sushi is on the no dice list.

All this meat and eggs I’ve been eating make my toots really stinky. If you don’t believe me ask my wife. She was not happy last night to say the least.

If I am ever out in Hollywood I’ll look you up and we can catch a yoga class together, bro! Hit me on my pager if you are ever in Columbia. When you page me use #84. I have 83 other friends, yeah I’m popular I know, so I don’t want to get confused on who is paging me.

Good luck on The Voice, whenever that is, I don’t watch that show, because I watch hardcore stuff like the Walking Dead, but since we have the same name I hope your show does well. Just imagine if I was a judge on that show… (That’s me with my hawt bod back)

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